Kizakura is located in the Fushimi district of Kyoto, blessed with an abundance of underground spring water “Fushimizu”, ideal for making sake.

Even the place name "Fushimi" is derived from the meaning of spring water.

Kizakura has remained devoted to the tradition of sake brewing, aiming to bring delicious sake to customers. We have continued to develop many types of sake to suit the market needs.


This water is medium hard water that is one of the most suitable for brewing sake, and the key element that sets apart the renowned Kyoto sake from the rest.

“Fushimizu” makes the character of Kizakura sake mild and smooth. We recommend this authentic sake for both Sake lovers and Sake beginners. We would like to make all of the people who drink Kizakura happier.


Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit which has a tart & sour flavor, and a bit of bitterness like a lemon mixed with a mandarin orange but it has highly aromatic rind.

This highball is made from Kizakura semi dry sake infused with Yuzu and carbonated to give extra refreshment.

Food Pairing

Teriyaki chicken (seasoned with Soy sauce and Mirin) makes a great match with this product. The distinctive aroma of Yuzu can give the rich dish a fresh accent.

It also pairs well with yuzu related cuisine such as Grilled white fish with squeezed yuzu, and Japanese Hot Pot.

Yuzu High-Ball

Refreshing ★★★★★
Sweet ★★★☆☆
Sour ★★★☆☆
Content 330ml
Alcohol 7%
Ingredients Sake, Syrup, Yuzu juice, Carbon dioxide, Water
Serving Temperature Cold 5-10℃,
On the Rocks