This is "Junmai Daiginjo",
made from 100% "Yamadanishiki" -
the king of sake rice.

Special Sake to enjoy Slowly on Saturday and Sunday

It is made with “Fushimizu” (the soft water of the Fushimi region) and from exclusively “Yamadanishiki”. The rice polishing ratio is 50%. It is fermented at lower temperature - around 10℃ - to enhance the apple or banana-like flavor. Also, this is “Junmai shu”, which includes more “Umami” from the rice. Please enjoy this authentic Junmai Daiginjo on your special occasions!

Ingredients of “S”

Made from 100% “Yamadanishiki” -
the king of sake rice.

How to drink “S”

When it is served at cold temperatures, you can enjoy the fruity flavor of “Junmai Daiginjo”. Also, the typical white wine glass is suitable for serving this premium sake!

Food pairing of “S”

The flavor of "S" Junmai Daiginjo is pure and aromatic. So it matches well with simple dishes which bring out the original taste or flavor.

Sashimi(White Fish)
Fresh Spring Rolls
Vinegared Mackerel

Lineup of “S”