F u s h i m i , K y o t o J A P A N


Kizakura is located in the Fushimi district of Kyoto, blessed with an abundance of underground spring water “Fushimizu”, ideal for making sake. Even the place name "Fushimi" is derived from the meaning of spring water. Kizakura has remained devoted to the tradition of sake brewing, aiming to bring delicious sake to customers. We have continued to develop many types of sake to suit the market needs.


Kizakura has been brewing craft beer “Kyoto Beer” since 1995. We have applied the skills and commitment developed through brewing sake to the microbrewing of beer. Our great fortune is a location blessed with an abundance of famous spring water. In a place like Fushimi, where producing quality sake is a given, our artisan brewers are devoted to creating unique beer with special flavor, using ingredients such as Yamadanishiki rice, Yuzu citrus, green tea, black beans or sake yeast.

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